Monday, January 19, 2009

1/19 1940's New York, Knitting from 40's and up Vogue and more

Here are a few of the new listings. Click here to go to the website to view them all.
Below are some featured patterns, (if you click on the link and the page is blank, the pattern sold and we have not yet had a chance to manually move it to the recently sold category.)

New York 144 Retro 1940's Dress

New York 357 Retro 1940's Vintage Lingerie Bed Jacket

Vintage Lingerie Patterns Lingerie Patterns
McCall's 4482 Retro 1970's Middy Top Pants Shorts
McCall's 5659 Retro Early 1990's Tank Top Jacket Skirt
McCall's 5619 Retro 1970's Kitchen Appliance Covers Aprons Hot pads

Vintage apron patterns

1953 Bear Brand Hand Knit Fashions Book 346
1923 Priscilla China Painting Book
If you see a red x and no pic on any of the blog days it means that the pattern sold and the pic has been deleted. We typically delete shortly after they sell to make room for more. :)

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