Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Original Paris Sewing Patterns from 1950's Rockabilly Old Store Stock

I recently purchased some old store Stock from a Pattern store that closed in Paris France. They have been stashed away for nearly 60 years waiting for a new home. Most all date to the 1950's a few may be 40's. I will be listing them over the next few weeks. All original.
To view what Paris patterns I have listed from this stock click here.
To view all my Rockabilly patterns Rockabilly Patterns
I do ship internationally you can view my shipping prices here.

These are all unprinted tissue. If you have not worked with older patterns that do not have print on them you can find help with the links below:

Working with unprinted patterns

How to re-size a pattern

Converting Centimeters to inches.

Here are the ones I listed for today, (I dozens more to list) :)

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